Homemade Toddler Slot Box

An Imbucare Object Permanence Box is meant to allow the child to practice seeing an object disappear and understand that it is still there, while at the same time working on muscle coordination. I won’t go as far to say that my homemade version is an Imbucare Object Permanence Box because mine is see-through and does not easily allow for retrieving the objects out of the box. I could work on improving my homemade version- mine is more focusing on coordination and muscle control over object permanence.

Purchasing an Imbucare Box from Neinhuis, one of the leading brands of Montessori materials, is not cheap on the pocket book.

Even buying this from Montessori Outlet is more than I am able to spend:

More than 50% off is still very expensive!

I had a restless child who needed a toy to concentrate on so I took an Indian food takeout container (those tall thick ones for liquids) and cut a rectangular hole in the top. I then got some old playing cards and taught my son how to place the card through the hole. He loved this activity! It engaged his brain and his body.

Careful cutting the hole not to create any sharp edges

I quickly learned that playing cards lose their shape in the hands of a toddler. After the cards became bent he would have a difficult time getting them through the slot. I tried to find a sturdier object so that he would not get frustrated. Finding a stash of old bank, grocery and university cards we were back in business! A much needed upgrade as credit cards don’t lose shape and they are thick enough that he can pick them up when they are flat on the floor.

The second issue with this activity is that I have to supervise him because he can’t open the lid by himself, these containers seal so well they are hard to peel open. So I have to stand close by to open and close the container as he goes through all the cards (watching a toddler slowly pick up and place cards in the slot is difficult to to intervene but he does well… just takes much longer than it would us!) Since he has a short attention span for activities these days, I don’t mind sitting with him but I wonder if I created a more Object Permanence-Like box if it will increase his attention span since he would have more independence.

While I wanted a quick and cheap activity on the go, there are ways that I plan on improving this DIY version to create a more permanent (pun intended) material to add to our collection.

Toddler Hack: $0, 5 minutes

Future Improvements: Add Object-Permanence element, use a non-plastic item

Money Saved*: $30-60

*Saved for college fund since I can’t DIY Diploma

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